Monday, September 26, 2011

"S.W.I.M. - Simply Waken Into Mind" - R. McDougal/ Isle of View

Marshall McLuhan once asked, "Who discovered water?" He said he didn't know, but he did know it wasn't the fish. They're totally engulfed in it & take it for granted. They don't see it. Most people are like that in relationship to their own mind. They don't see. Mind is ubiquitous. Actually, your mind is all there is. Mind is the nature & essence of reality. All of your stories & beliefs & religions & feelings & desires all take place only in your mind. Take away your mind, & your world disappears. My first book was titled Mirror of Mind, because, "what you think, is what you get." The world doesn't have a story & conceptual overlay until you put it on it. The world is such & such & so & so, only because you tell yourself it is. Simply change your mind & your world literally changes. So now, how would you like to conceive your world?
Choose wisely.

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